You Are What You Read?

I’m a bookworm. I’ve always loved to read… probably because I’m able to do it so quickly. Sit me down on the beach with a good book in the morning and I can guarantee I’ll have it finished by the time the lifeguards head in for the day. Once I become immersed in a book that I don’t want to put it down, I don’t. So between hours of reading and the speed at which I can do it, I go through about a book a day on vacation.

Last summer, I discovered a new author and my first series of adult romantic novels. I wouldn’t say they’re as raunchy or explicit as what I’ve heard Norah Roberts’ books are…but they can certainly be steamy. Anyway, the point is the author, Julie Garwood, has a variety of series or single books to choose from. Although the longest series is more modern, my favorites are the series that take place back in Victorian/Medieval (?) times. My favorite books all take place in the Highlands of Scotland and usually involve some Englishwoman coming together with a Scottish warrior.

Now there are many reasons I like her books. They all have a love story, and for a hopeless romantic and chick-flick lover that’s a must in a light-read. I also happen to find them pretty funny…but that might just be my own personal sense of humor. But what I’ve realized has really grabbed my attention is the main female character in the books nad her love story.

Most of the characters and plots are the same: woman has some sort of crisis that she has to overcome, an uber-masculine guy that she barely knows helps her through it, they fall in love in the process and live happily ever after. So pretty much a standard chick-flick in book form. But what I love is that while the books have a certain “damsel in distress” element to them, the heroine is also a strong woman who is usually very outspoken and often unknowingly brave. And back in that time period, neither of those was considered an ideal trait in a woman…so it causes quite a commotion. So I can infer that I’ve become so taken with these books because they reflect the type of relationship that I would want, and the type of woman I would like to be. The man is protective and loving, although he tries to put on a macho-fasad. And the woman wants to be taken care of but not to the extent where she can’t do anything herself. By the end of the book the woman ends up saving the man as much as he saves her and the couple finds harmony in taking care of each other and accepting each other’s faults.

So while I love a good chick-flick as much as the next girl, I know that many of the story lines are unrealistic. But with books, and Julie Garwood’s in particular, I can’t help but think that we are drawn to story lines that are not only entertaining but have a personal meaning or connection to us and are things that we can relate to our lives. For me, Julie Garwood’s books have given me more insight into what I’m looking for in Mr. Right and the type of relationship I want when I finally get my happily ever after, even if the circumstances of my story will be completely different than the plot in hers.

So take a look at a book series that you love, or an author you keep going back to. Perhaps there is a reason you enjoy the books so much other than just their entertainment value.

Motivational Monday

Today was a wonderful start to the week. I’m still living off of my positivity kick from this weekend, and that’s totally fine with me. Plus, I was able to go for a run today in capris and a t-shirt and not be cold. In fact, I was pretty hot by halfway through. So this warm weather is definitely helping to keep my mood up.

This week is still focusing on me. Primarily my food intake and exercise regime. I like to workout in the morning but with my schedule that doesn’t happen. So I’ll definitely need some extra motivation to get me to the gym at 7pm.

A Short Lived Spark

So I met a guy last night.

From the minute I walked into the bar area where my friends and I hung out I spotted him and thought he was oh so cute. Fast forward 3 hours later and after our groups of friends have casually started chatting and hanging out we end up talking. And I started thinking “this is the kind of guy I’ve been wanting to meet”.

And then the taxi came to pick my friends and I up.

I was able to find out he doesn’t have a girlfriend and told him he’s cute (which is a whole other post that will be coming soon) but he didn’t make the move to ask for my number, which I admit had me disappointed. But in some rare episode of self-confidence, I was able to tell his buddy that I thought he was cute and gave him my number and told the guy to have him call or text me.

Needless to say, I haven’t heard from him. And I don’t think I ever really thought I would…at least not once I woke up this morning. On the drive home I’d start thinking about it and get a little disappointed…because how awesome would it be if he had called.

But, I’m not coming away from this empty-handed and I’m thankful for that. I’ve come away with the knowledge that cute, available guys are out there and despite what I think, I have the ability to meet them. And that’s given me a lot more faith in my future than I had yesterday.

Do I still want to meet Mr. Right? Absolutely. Do I know how I’m going to meet him? Not at all. But at least last night has made me take the first step into opening that door. And now I just have to use it. How I do so is TBD, but I promise you’ll be the first to know.

I end this post with the lyrics of the ever-insightful Taylor Swift. This song came to mind while I was driving home and I think it fits perfectly.

“This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go

I’m wonder-struck, blushing all the way home

I’ll spend forever wondering if you know

I was enchanted to meet you”

Spring Break Challenge – The Results.

And I am back. Actually, I’ve been back for almost a week. But as usual, as I came back and hit thr ground running. So I am taking the next few minutes to write this post before heading to the shore for the night. What a lucky girl I am to see the ocean 3 weekends in a row!

So for was weird as it was to go eight days with no phone or internet, it was definitely a much needed and appreciated break. I pretty much spent all my time tieher laying in a chair reading  The Hunger Games triology or going on an excursion at whichever port we were at that day.

It was my second cruise so it was nice knowing waht to expect. However, I was still surprised… there were almost no “spring breakers” on the ship! There were plenty of younger couples and a few small groups of youngsters, but the primary population was about 35+….or the c0mplete opposite of last year which was a floating frat party overrun with college co-eds.

Needless to say, y self-imposed challenge was a bit if a flop. Yes, I met people…but most were my parent’s age so not very intimidating. And quite frankly, where I am with my self esteem and body image, I’m not sure that I would have been able to follow through with my challenge anyway.

So, now that I am back I am recommitting myself to feeling good and being healthy. Yes, that invovles losing some weight but what I’m going for is also an emotional transition and lifestyle that allows me to feel good about myself and reach my full potential.

So as for dating, right now it’s going to be all about me, and I think that’s ok.

Spring Break Challenge

I cannot believe that March is here! It’s been feeling like spring on and off for a couple weeks now, but I’m still shocked we made it through February without any major snow or bad weather.

I’m also shocked at how quickly Spring Break has approached! I head down to Miami today and then leave for an 8 day cruise tomorrow. It’ll be me and my parents…so a relatively low key trip compared to others. I’m also not going into it with the most confidence in myself… I’m sad to say that the 10 lbs I was hoping to shed after Christmas have not come off. But, I’m going to try not to let that interfere with enjoying my trip.

In fact, I am giving myself a challenge. Despite not looking or feeling my best I am going to attempt to continue to work towards my resolution goal.

Challenge: Smile. Say hi. Make friends…or at least attempt to. I made two friends last year who I am happy to say I still keep in touch with… but that was all my mom’s doing. The inspiration for this challenge? I was reading my friend’s Glamour on the way home from Florida, and she showed me this: image

So according to the guys polled, saying hi is the way to go. Sounds easy enough, but we’ll see.

I’ll be back in a little over a week and will let you know how it goes!

Motivational Monday

So I’m a little behind on my blog posts… usual. But in my defense, I think I have a legitimate reasons for last week… I was busy all week preparing and packing for this:

Between being in the classroom all day, school at night, Daisies and attempting to find gym time, the week got away from me.  Before I knoew it Friday morning was here and I was on a plane to Orlando with a good friend from college. 2 days later, at 6:15am I started running my first half marathon. 2 and a half hours later I finished my first half marathon. And for the first time in what seems like a very long time I accomplished something 100% for myself. And I couldn’t be happier.

And so, this weel’s motivating pins.


Trusting the Process

Trust. A small word with a whole lotta meaning.

It’s such a small word that comes up in every aspect of our lives. Trust in others. Trust in our loved ones. Trust in friends. Trust in ourselves.

Trust.  Something we are told is earned not given and yet in the matters of fate and love we are supposed to just hand it over without a second thought.  Trust that he’s coming, that you’ll find him when you’re not looking, that everything will turn out alright.


It was recently suggested to me that I need to trust in the process. That I need to trust that everything that has gone/is going on in my life is preparing me for the future. And that it’s the kind of future I want… filled with love and happiness.


I’ve always considered myself a person of faith and relatively optimistc. But recently I have been having a difficult time in trusting the process.  It’s in my nature to want to actively work towards a goal or something I want, but trusting the process means letting go of the desire to control my life and simply live it.

Which leads me to the $100 question of the night….how do you do it?

Stay tuned, as I attempt to find out.


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